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Director: Rob Ceus, David Van de Weyer Country: Belgium Language: Dutch Runtime: 0 h 06 min Bride Zombie actually developed through the love of special effects. Rob Ceus and David Van de Weyer are fans of genre movies and in particular zombie movies. They combined this love with making the […]

Bride Zombie (Rob Ceus, David Van de Weyer)

Director: Lance Polland Country: United States of America Language: English Runtime: 1 h 11 min The Hangover meets The Big Bang Theory with Werewolves! That’s the tagline of the new Lance Polland movie Werewolves in Heat. This movies has got the right elements. We’ve got the required tits & ass, […]

Werewolves in Heat (Lance Polland)

Director: Pablo Absento Country: Japan Language: English Runtime: 0 h 09 min This film barely last 10 minutes, but right from the first until the last moment you’re glued to the screen. Pablo chose a magnificent location to film this horror. It’s easy to say that the mysterious forest plays […]

Shi (Pablo Absento)

Director: Greg Lamberson Country: United States of America Language: English Runtime: 1 h 38 min Killer Rack has the right amount of humour and manages to transfer this to the viewer in a good way. The acting is exaggerated and over-the-top, exactly as it should be. Everyone participating on this […]

Killer Rack (Greg Lamberson)

Director: David King Country: Australia Language: English Runtime: 0 h 27 min Y (David King) is immortal, or at least, that’s what he’s been told. Also, he was told that the world around him is a paradise. But if so, why does he have memories of another world and why […]

EXIT (David King)

Director: Federico Sfascia Country: Italy Language: Italian (English subtitles) Runtime: 1 h 30 min Federico Sfascia really knows his classics and used them as a clever inspiration. Without any effort you’ll recognize Bad Taste, Critters, Tetsuo – The Iron Man, Cronenberg, Argento and more. From the very first moment this […]

Alienween – The Melting Movie (Federico Sfascia)