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Download here the program in PDF: SOUTERAIN 1ST FLOOR The Overkill festival “YOU ARE IN Ctrl” This 48-hour non-stop event is exploring the relations between video games, films, art and science and will be held on 25, 26 & 27 of November 2016 in Enschede, NL Opening hours: Friday 20:00 […]

The Program is Online!!

Phd graduate, Alejandro Moreno, wrote a thesis about player behavior in the interactive tag playground. After this researches within the program “Interaction for Universal Access” from Commit, he is know working on a system to help visually impaired people navigate public spaces in a socially acceptable manner. (post doctoral research) The lecture starts […]

Alejandro Moreno (UT) “Are we in control when gaming?”

REMEMBERING VR is A POETIC, ALMOST TOTALLY ABSTRACT INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE ABOUT BIRTH. THE PLAYER GOES FROM CONCEPTION TO BIRTH (and a little bit beyond…) “Remembering VR” is close to a ‘lucid dream’ in which you have limited control. With this new VR version of the project, Monobanda PLAY researches what […]

REMEMBERING VR (Monobanda PLAY & SonicPicnic)

Beste bezoeker van The Overkill, Op 30 november en 1 december is het Reisopera TechTrip Festival in Enschede. Hierbij willen we alle bezoekers van The Overkill aanbieden om met korting de voorstelling Les nuits d’été in het festival te bezoeken: een opera. De voorstelling is op woensdag 30 november, 20.30 – 21.30 […]

Reisopera TechTrip Festival in Enschede

After the death of his wife, Craig decides to move with his daughter, Jennifer. After a few days it turns out that the house is inhabited by a dark presence who wants to take possession of the child. One day, in fact, Jennifer disappears and Craig will be forced to […]

The Blind King (Raffaele Picchio)

Nightwing returns home to find a close friend of his murdered. On the hunt for answers and justice, Nightwing steps beyond his normal boundaries of control until he is finally forced to confront the person responsible for this horrific crime. Torn between loyalties, Nightwing is forced to fight in order […]

Nightwing: The Darkest Knight (Matthew Campbell)

Stijdend met haar doelloze bestaan wordt een jonge vrouw naar een parallel universum gehaald vol bizarre karakters en occulte rituelen. Dark Circus is een verhaal van transformatie, een reis naar je innerlijke zelf, van je diepste verlangens naar je ergst nachtmerries.

Dark Circus (Julia Ostertag)

Push Me Pull You is a sports game for 2–4 players. Joined at the waist, you and your partner share a single worm-like body as you wrestle your opponent for control of the ball. It’s a bit like a big hug, or playing soccer with your small intestines. With every […]

Push Me Pull You

Beyond Madness is a group of porn actors feasting on real flesh. Picture a group of maniacs who instead of visiting a sex shop for their fetish weekend and go to a slaughterhouse. Vegetarians and sensitive souls should avoid this one.

Beyond Madness (Luigi Zanuso)

Quirky dark comedy feature film written and directed by Kate Shenton. Filmmaker, Catherine Sweeney is determined to make a zombie horror romantic comedy. However, in order to get the funding, everyone in the industry is telling her to put a talking dog in it. Desperate, Catherine does whatever it takes […]

Egomaniac (Kate Shenton)

In this new version of FX-EYE, David scheidler mixes old fashion technology with interactivity. If the camera is still filming, you get the power to alter, twist and deform, live, the filmed images as far as you like! Additional knobs on the camera controls the realtime video. You take the […]

David Scheidler (“FX-EYE”)

“The tExternal World” from Berlin based philosopher & media artist Martin Pleiss is an immersive Oculus Rift experience in which the the user is confronted with the ideas of Roland Barthes who once declared that a space of meaning for texts to be passed through the reader and to be […]

Martin Pleiss (“The tExternal World”)

The symposium will start at 14:15 and the wearable demo (for a limited amount of visitors) will be from 15:30 to 16:30. THE LABYRINTH experience begins when you enter the labyrinthine multimedia installation. You walk a path as if you are entering the deep crevasses of a brain. Making way […]

Jennifer Kanary Nikilova (“Labyrinth”)