The Overkill festival is a place where we explore how the development of the gaming culture completely transformed the art scene. Many artists are using the videogame technologies in order to enhance their artistic and creative practice.

In opposition to videoart or films, videogame based art gives the public an active role in shaping and understanding the work. Interactivity and participation have become two valuable aspects of the influence of videogames in contemporary art, even in installations not related to this culture.

REMEMBERING VR is A POETIC, ALMOST TOTALLY ABSTRACT INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE ABOUT BIRTH. THE PLAYER GOES FROM CONCEPTION TO BIRTH (and a little bit beyond…) “Remembering VR” is close to a ‘lucid dream’ in which you have limited control. With this new VR version of the project, Monobanda PLAY researches what […]

REMEMBERING VR (Monobanda PLAY & SonicPicnic)

In this new version of FX-EYE, David scheidler mixes old fashion technology with interactivity. If the camera is still filming, you get the power to alter, twist and deform, live, the filmed images as far as you like! Additional knobs on the camera controls the realtime video. You take the […]

David Scheidler (“FX-EYE”)

“The tExternal World” from Berlin based philosopher & media artist Martin Pleiss is an immersive Oculus Rift experience in which the the user is confronted with the ideas of Roland Barthes who once declared that a space of meaning for texts to be passed through the reader and to be […]

Martin Pleiss (“The tExternal World”)

The installation automatically catches jaywalkers using live surveillance webcams and gives visitors the choice to report them to the police. Jaywalking gives us an opportunity to watch traffic webcams and decide on the fate of pedestrians recklessly crossing the road. Monitors display LIVE unprotected surveillance footage of intersections in different […]

Dries Depoorter (“Jaywalking”)

Director: David King Country: Australia Language: English Runtime: 0 h 27 min Y (David King) is immortal, or at least, that’s what he’s been told. Also, he was told that the world around him is a paradise. But if so, why does he have memories of another world and why […]

EXIT (David King)