During The Overkill festival we invite artists, game developers, filmmakers, musicians, techies and other inspiring speakers to tell the audience more about the influence of multimedia and technology on the world we are living in. We also invite them to teach us more about their field of practice and even how to do what they do.

This is not a standard lecture where someone tells you his or her life story and how to become successful, at The Overkill there is a dialogue between the audience and the speakers. This way every symposium tells a different story with a personal touch because of the audience

Phd graduate, Alejandro Moreno, wrote a thesis about player behavior in the interactive tag playground. After this researches within the program “Interaction for Universal Access” from Commit, he is know working on a system to help visually impaired people navigate public spaces in a socially acceptable manner. (post doctoral research) The lecture starts […]

Alejandro Moreno (UT) “Are we in control when gaming?”

The symposium will start at 14:15 and the wearable demo (for a limited amount of visitors) will be from 15:30 to 16:30. THE LABYRINTH experience begins when you enter the labyrinthine multimedia installation. You walk a path as if you are entering the deep crevasses of a brain. Making way […]

Jennifer Kanary Nikilova (“Labyrinth”)