ABC’s of Superheroes (Jens Holzheuer, Oliver Tietgen)

abcs_of_superheroesDirector: Jens Holzheuer, Oliver Tietgen
Country: Germany
Language: English
Runtime: 1 h 26 min

Oliver Tietgen and Jens Holzheuer are the brains behind this superhero anthology. We are introduced to the letters of the alphabet, in which every letter represents a different hero. Well, hero? Opinions differ on that part. Think, for instance, about heroes like Almighty Ape, Quackman, Popular Girl, or Orgasmic Octopus.

The acting is “over-the-top” and we get A LOT of tits and ass in this hilarious superhero spoof. On top of that we get a healthy dose of guts and gore and you know you’ll enjoy this as a genre enthusiast.