Martin Pleiss (“The tExternal World”)

“The tExternal World” from Berlin based philosopher & media artist Martin Pleiss is an immersive Oculus Rift experience in which the the user is confronted with the ideas of Roland Barthes who once declared that a space of meaning for texts to be passed through the reader and to be enriched, entangled, brought to life even by her or him. “The Texternal World“ takes that idea into an ergodic 3D environment for the Oculus Rift, experimenting not only with the ways text can behave in a sensual space but also trying to merge the Barthesian term of ’texts’ with contemporary ideas about immersion, ergodicity and involvement. The resulting experience sits in the fringe between first person video games, interactive fiction and text adventures without overshadowing the actual reading experience that Barthes intended for a ‘real’ engaging phenomenological textuality.