Jennifer Kanary Nikilova (“Labyrinth”)

The symposium will start at 14:15 and the wearable demo (for a limited amount of visitors) will be from 15:30 to 16:30.

THE LABYRINTH experience begins when you enter the labyrinthine multimedia installation. You walk a path as if you are entering the deep crevasses of a brain. Making way with your arms, you ‘swim’ through a trajectory of light and darkness, that constantly changes in texture and atmosphere. You experience being in another world, in which reality is there and not there at the same time; a world pregnant with meaning, which revolves around you as the visitor. A world, in which others become mere actors upon a stage, who infiltrate your experience in uncomfortable ways; a world of surprise around each corner in which you lose your sense of time and space. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth consists of a single path that twists and turns towards a centre. It is believed that to walk a labyrinth is to embark on a spiritual journey towards oneself. Many believe that psychosis is a spiritual emergency or personal crisis that re-creates The Self. THE LABYRINTH thus becomes a metaphor for psychosis, of losing and finding oneself, and for how beautiful yet terrifying the experience can be.